Getting Certified-Pre-assessment Audits-ISO PROS #38

Getting Certified & Implementing Pre-assessment Audits

Certification audits—the final ones—are usually to obtain a seal of approval in your management system. We just said “usually” but the truth is that they are all about it and the need of getting the clients and customers aware of your capabilities in your management system. Many companies wonder about needing it or not, but besides being necessary, a complete audit of your management system is also mandatory.

Therefore, it isn’t something you can’t escape but rather use all the available tools and options in order to meet the requirements of the standards. We have discussed what audits are for: measuring the degree of conformance of your management system with established ISO standards.

Now, why would you get certified in a Pre-assessment Audits?

They are a previous audit you carry out in order to identify the non-conformities and correct them before going to the certification audit. However, getting certified isn’t something companies and people overall are familiar with.

Instead, they consider these audits just to be a tool and option to avoid spending more money and time than necessary it is able to delay the final or main audit to deal with the non-conformities.

In this way, getting certified in the specific audit of the management system will be “a piece of cake” according to many people we know, and we also believe the same. That being said, obtaining a certification in pre-assessment shows clients and even the auditor in charge of your certification audit that your company has invested time and resources in improving.

This will give you a lead and allow you to operate properly even before obtaining the final certification in this matter. Unfortunately, not all companies or auditors that provide or offer pre-assessment give certification for it.

They only meet their functions of auditing your company and making you aware of the aspects and elements that need to change. If you want a company that can get you certified and also, provides support and assistance in dealing with the non-conformities once they have been identified, make sure to contact us.

At ISO Pros, we are validated and experienced companies in the area of standards, normative, and audits. We started by providing consulting and certifications in ISO standards for companies to meet all the requirements without problems. Or have an idea of what they needed to do. However, we find it important to deal with audits directly due to their direct relationship with the standards themselves.

What can you do to get certified with us?

It only takes a message or calls. We are not like other companies that have requirements or qualifications for the businesses and people interested in accessing their services. We will provide certifications to any company that deserves it and our support and auditing options are available for anyone.

Therefore, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact us and let our experts know your needs. If you are looking for a pre-assessment audit, you must have in mind the potential non-conformities in your company or at least, the weak points. The only thing we will ask from you is to provide us with the most detailed information you have access to or know about your company.

After all, we are not here to judge you nor determine your future with the final certification you need. Just like pre-assessment, we will make sure you identify and correct, as well as gain extra benefits from going for this audit. We want you to let us know the defects and aspects you think your company needs to work in and how you can get it done.

In this way, our Pre-assessment Audit will be easier and faster while providing you with better information or data that is going to be useful for your needs,

When can you get certified?

At any moment as long as a pre-assessment audit is carried out. Most companies that go through audits—in the first place—are usually starting their operations or dealing with the implementation of a new standard. In the last situation, it is not always necessary to carry out an audit after implementing a standard to identify the degree of conformance, but most people or companies do it to get certified on it.

Pre-assessment can be done in several situations and the only “requirement” we could point out is that it needs to be done before the main audit, which is something quite obvious so far. Now, about the specific service and certification we provide for this, our company is always open to accepting companies in need of them. We won’t hesitate to assist you and have one of our validated, experienced, and qualified auditors working in your company’s management system and conformance with other standards.

If you have doubts and questions about the standards related to the management system, which our auditor will have to work with as well, let us know. The reason why we are so capable of helping you is that we are familiar and experienced in ISOs in the first place—thus our name. Therefore, carrying out an audit regardless of the standards involved in the system or entire procedure won’t be a problem.

To get certified, you can use our phone numbers, email addresses, or contact form. We have our staff working all year round and waiting to know more about you, your company, and ISO and audit needs. A Pre-assessment Audit certification is as useful as other certifications, and our company doesn’t make it from a huge difference.

What we are trying to tell you is that, although it is a pre-assessment one, getting certified in it will bring you extra benefits apart from the non-conformities and main objective of the audit. And receiving or obtaining it from our company will be ten times better than usual.

Want to get started? Make sure to do it with time. After all, you have a scheduled audit to attend once this is done, or you need to know if it will be necessary to delay it.