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Pre-assessment Audits

One of the most difficult—and considered annoying for many companies—processes to go through is an audit in your business. We are familiar with them ourselves as the company we are, but we are sure that any business regardless of the industry it is part of, can agree with us in the statement that audits although they are necessary can be quite troublesome. They take a lot of time, resources, and effort, and this doesn’t guarantee that your business will approve it and prove the management system is completely appropriate and going in the right direction.

Therefore, you are in your right to think of it as a problem more than something you are looking forward to doing. Unfortunately, as mentioned before, it is necessary to determine the degree of conformance in the management system of your company. Audits allow you to notice and identify your problems in the system and provide you relevant and crucial data about the aspects and elements you need to change in it.

However, the goal is to always maintain a productive and correct degree of conformance in your system, not to use audits as the method you identify problems.

After all, this can lead your business to lose relevance, opportunities, and affect it in many aspects that will just make you go down several ladders or levels. Knowing this, do you have to go through an audit any time soon? Even if you are not looking forward to one soon or it isn’t in your schedule, you will eventually go through it.

And to make sure your company will perform perfectly during it, you can take advantage of several tools and options. A Pre-assessment Audit is a good option, especially if you aren’t sure about your company’s status and areas. Audits are usually divided into areas, sectors, or sometimes, they are carried out in the entire business.

Pre-assessment ones are usually for the last one we just mentioned since the auditor in charge of it will go through the entire process of documentation review, process, review, and the rest of the steps and parts included. If you are considering the idea of going for a Pre-assessment Audit is because you are already familiar with the audit itself or maybe not and this is why you need someone to guide you a bit.

Or to tell you what isn’t going well and won’t pass the audit. In both cases, you can get good use of the option and service as long as you find a reliable auditor that can carry it out for you. After all, Pre-assessment audits are handled for third-parties who tell you what you are doing wrong or what isn’t meeting the expectations.

What is the main purpose of this Pre-assessment?

Identifying the non-conformities before the main audit. Going through an audit isn’t easy since it takes time, effort, and resources, therefore, you can’t have the luxury of going through it over and over again when you could get a test or free-trial—not literally. The option of pre-assessing your company through an audit of this type is to identify the problems and correct or solve them before the main one.

This will allow you to save yourself having to go through the whole process if you don’t get the certification audit from the one you have scheduled. Now, someone companies don’t go for this option since they feel more than prepared and confident about no having any non-conformities. This way to think is more viable or acceptable when you deal with a financial audit or one that is aiming for a specific area or department of the company.

But an audit alone is going to evaluate the entire management system of the company—as previously mentioned—, and missing an element or aspect is quite possible for you. The auditor that will carry out your registrar certification audit will not miss anything, and this is something we can assure you since it is what it is all about.

Therefore, consider the pre-assessment idea and determine if you are completely ready or not for the final and defining one. If you are not or want to go for it just to have a second opinion, our company ISO Pros can help you with it.

We are professionals in audits and ISOs, we are extremely related to the first ones and the reason why you are here in the first place. Therefore, we can help you with a press-assessment one if this is what you want or need—maybe both.

In this way, you will rest assured that your company is ready to take the final one and get certified in what you have applied or, in this case, have your seal of approval in the entire management system.

Are Pre-assessment Audits available for any company?

They are. Any company or to be more precise, every company needs to go through an audit process. Therefore, it can access a pre-assessment one if required or wanted.

The company just needs to make sure that the organization it is hiring to carry it out can handle one focused on the industry it is part of. We don’t have problems with this aspect at all due to our experience and how familiar we are with ISOs from all industries or areas.

Some companies promote themselves and offer the service without being able to carry it out properly.

Something you need to have in mind is that audits and everything involved with them are very delicate. After all, the person or organization you reach out to will have access to all the information and data of the company.

Documents, statistics, analysis, and more. And all this applies to every area and department of your company, including the financial one which is the section that worries most business owners.

Therefore, you cannot hire or reach out to random companies that can’t provide you with certifications, previous examples of audits they have carried out—pre-assessment ones in this case. Audit companies or organizations dedicated to providing this service you are trying to access to get prepared for the final one need to be reliable, trustworthy, and validated.

You should not have problems finding one since we are right here for you. And even if you decide to search for other options, just make sure to look for the certifications, validations, and proofs of previous audits.

Are we the best option for your pre-assessment?

What is-Pre-assessment Audits-ISO PROS #38

Absolutely. We are confident about our services and how capable we are not only due to our abilities to finish it in no time and provide you with the data from it but also, about our confidentiality.

We won’t expose any information about your company, even less to the company that will carry out the registrar certification audit in your business. For this, we have made sure to develop specific contracts and agreements with our clients—and you won’t be the exception—for both parties, you and us, to be protected as much as needed.

Now, when it comes to how efficient we are, we know that most companies looking for a previous audit to the final or main ones are in a hurry. Usually, you don’t have enough time to prepare for a certification audit, which is what leads most companies to reach out to us for an assessment.

However, even when you do have enough time, several of our clients have told us—and we believe the same—that they are never safe when it comes to this aspect or part of businesses and companies.

Thus, we make sure to finish the process as quickly as possible and guarantee you can prepare yourself and have enough time to fix any non-conformities in your company. Of course, for this, we will also provide you with tips and guidelines to solve them and ensure you go through the main audit without problems.

You need to know that our company provides certification in this aspect. Just like the main or registrar certification audit is for that, to get certified in the management system, we make sure to provide you one for a Pre-assessment Audit.

This shows your clients and future ones that you worry about your company’s management system and you are willing to do everything to provide the best. For customers—and even you as one sometimes—, certifications are considered to be seals of approval, and they actually are.

Therefore, they give them a lot of weight for their own safety and to be able to trust the companies they hire, get their products or components from, and more. This is why you shouldn’t underestimate how relevant the certification due to a previous audit can be for your company’s future and growth.

Is it too expensive? What companies should carry out?

This audit isn’t expensive at all although it takes a lot of work. After all, the final cost of the service also depends on your needs, the size of your company or organization, and how much work we have ahead—or the company that will do it for you. However, we suggest you to not give it too much thought since it won’t be an issue if you decide to go for one just to make sure or to get support to get the final audit certification.

That being said, how do you know you need one?

Companies, either small or large ones, will need it at some point. We are completely sure about this. After all, the problem with dealing with your company and all its management system is that there is nothing similar to it.

All companies have this system, but not all of them have your needs and requirements. Therefore, you might have some problems trying to approach your problems and non-conformities, especially if you are doing it while researching information from somewhere else. In simpler words, you should carry it out if you want a customized way to approach your issues and have the right solutions.

And if you want to still look at it due to its price, it will always be a good investment either if you identify some issues or problems, or if you discover that your company is just ready for the final audit. There are many aspects to consider and evaluate, and if you are here to get started in this audit world or get support due to all your struggles, we are here ready to help you with your needs. Make sure to let us, ISO Pros, know about your audit needs, and if you require our qualified and experienced professionals to get you certified in the Pre-assessment Audit.

For more information, we have many sections and details on our website we are sure you were and are looking for. Or feel free to contact us anytime.